Balduzzi Vineyards and Winery is a family owned business that offers only the best quality wines. We have pride in our family’s tradition and want to ensure to keep the legacy going for many generations to come. Producing fine wines for the domestic and foreign markets, we work with responsibility and motivation to ensure our commitment to our consumers, staff, society and environment

To deliver memorable experiences and passion for wine from our family to yours, one wine lover at a time
After travelling from Italy, through Argentina and Chile, Don Albano Balduzzi discovered, nestled in the Maule Valley, an spectacular terroir to continue his long family tradition in winemaking; dating back to the early 1700’s

Located in San Javier, the heart of the Maule Valley, a climatic sanctuary for wine grapes, Balduzzi is dedicated exclusively to producing premium wines that will satisfy the most sophisticated palates in more than 20 countries

Now going on 3 generations, Jorge Balduzzi and his family work hard to ensure the highest quality wines inspired by family tradition and love for the environment

Together with the Balduzzi Family, a team of over 60 highly skilled, motivated professionals and technicians work together, sharing a commitment to quality and sustainability
BALDUZZI Vineyards & Winery - Av. Balmaceda 1189, San Javier, D.O. Maule Valley - Chile. Tel. +56 (73) 232 2138 - contact@balduzzi.com