Our work and life philosophy is to have a positive impact on the environment and society with every decision we make. This is why we dedicate a great effort to promote a culture of sustainability throughout our family, staff, suppliers, clients, friends and consumers
We are conscious that our work produces an impact on the environment and it is our priority to minimize and mitigate it
  • Certified Sustainable winery by Wine of Chile. This certification asses our management combining environment, social equity and economical viability principels. Learn more
  • We are pleased and proud to be a member of FairChile, a non-profit organization dedicated to plant trees within our region to mitigate our CO2 emissions
  • The glass manufacturing of a wine bottle is responsible for the majority of the emissions of producing wines; this is why we use ecoBottles in our portfolio of wines
  • Clean Energy: We currently generate electricity from our 10 kW capicity solar panels but we are developing a bigger photovoltaic project, which will reduce our electricity consumption by up to 80% in our winery, irrigation and offices
We are proud to be members of the San Javier community, for which we are dedicated to positively impacting the social development of our city and region
  • After the tragic earthquake of 2010, we helped to re-build the homes of our employees who lost everything from the destruction. We also collaborated with the mayor of San Javier to enable the transmission of important public information through our community radio, when no communication was available; we still continue to offer support to this day
  • Active involvement and support in the development of recreational and cultural activities organized by the city’s Municipal Theatre, such as dance groups, art exhibitions, theatre plays, along with many others
  • Support to educational institutions to help students develop skills both professionally and technically through internships
BALDUZZI Vineyards & Winery - Av. Balmaceda 1189, San Javier, D.O. Maule Valley - Chile. Tel. +56 (73) 232 2138 - contact@balduzzi.com